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At CPR Gutter Protection, we are 100% committed to your service. CPR Gutter Protection has been providing quality service and workmanship to home and businesses since 1997. Contact Victoria’s most trusted Home Gutter Guard Specialist.

We customize our designs to your home needs as you desire, suited to your pocket. Our team of professionals is equipped with high-quality skills to support you in fixing your gutter problems. We also offer free inspection and quote to help you make your choices.

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Professional Installers

Our team of consultants and installers are fully trained and insured. Having attained full accreditation by Master Buildings Australia and Work Safe Victoria, our customers are always in the safe hands.

Complimentary Gutter Cleaning Before Installation

We provide our customers benefits of a free gutter cleaning service before our professionals install your new gutter protecting equipment.

Reliable advice from our friendly consultants

Our friendly sale consultants provide genuine and reliable advice to our customers. No hidden costs. You pay what our quote says.
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20 Years of Experience As Gutter Specialists

Solving your gutter problems is our passion. We treat your problems like ours and would love to come to your rescue from these issues

100% Vermin and Rodent Proof Aluminum Guards

We install the most advanced Gutter Protection mesh in the market. Maintenance free system, it ensures protection from rodents and vermin and increases rainwater collection.

Complete Gutter Solution with 20 Year Product Warranty

Manufactured & Supplied in Australia, our gutter guards won’t burn or rust like galvanized steel. Independently tested by CSIRO and approved for bushfire areas where ember proofing is a specific requirement.


Ready To Protect Your Gutters?

Gutter Covers and Mesh

You won’t realize it until you see this happening to your gutter! Unprotected and neglected gutters pose risks, to the property and to the occupants of the property!

  • They can cause damage to your property. Seepage from stagnant water can lead to due to blocked and overflowing gutters.
  • They can also cause soil water-loggings, thereby causing a risk of damage to the foundation of your property.
  • They may become breeding and nesting spaces for flies, insects and birds.
  • They provide an easy access to rodents and vermin into your home and thereby pose health risks to you and your family.

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